Oil Field Accident Victims Deserve Fair Compensation

Tisdal & O'Hara, PLLC, personal injury attorneys provide effective, attentive representation for Oklahoma workers who have sustained serious injury, and fatal injury leading to wrongful death, in oil field accidents.

Oilfield work is dangerous duty. The risks to a worker's health are numerous. Hazards are daily facts of life and can arise from malfunctioning heavy equipment, negligent truck transportation to and from a site, exposure to chemicals, blowouts, pipeline explosions, refinery fires and poorly trained workers using hazardous materials. The firm strives to help clients recoup losses of income from time off the job and medical bills. Behind the scenes and in court, we can seek a settlement that reflects physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma associated with concussions, broken bones, severe burns, amputation, scarring and disfigurement, and any permanently disabling injury.

All Claims Handled on A Contingency Fee Basis

The cost of our quality legal services never interferes with your financial picture and the morale needed to recover from a serious oil field injury. We deliver results based on a strict contingency fee policy — you owe no attorney fee unless we win the compensation and benefits that you and your family need. Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation.

Our contingency fee policy means that you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

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