Claims Dropped in Cimarron County Case

In the Matter of the Assessment for Tax Year 2010 of Certain Personal Property Owned by JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding LLC D/B/A Five Rogers Cattle Feeding and J&F Oklahoma Holdings, Inc., Case No. CV-2010-8, Cimarron County, Oklahoma. In this case, the firm represented Cimarron County and the Cimarron County Assessor. JBS asserted that it came within the Freeport exemption, found in Article 10, § 6A of the Oklahoma Constitution, with respect to its cattle feeding operation. As a result of the litigation, JBS ultimately dropped its claim to the Freeport Exemption, resulting in a payment of $367,000 in previously held tax funds to the Boise City and Keyes Public Schools, and other tax recipients. In addition, JBS had further filed a claim asserting its entitlement to the Freeport Exemption for tax year 2012, which was also dropped without further protest by JBS.