Patrick O'Hara, Jr. Named To The Oklahoma Bar Foundation Board of Trustees

Patrick O'Hara, Jr. was named to the Oklahoma Bar Foundation Board of Trustees. The Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1949 by members of the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) to accomplish law-related charitable good works statewide. The OBF provides grant funding for:

  • free legal assistance to the poor and elderly;
  • safe haven for the abused;
  • protection and legal assistance to children;
  • law-related education programs for the public (including Oklahoma school children);
  • law student scholarships for those we expect to follow our charge;
  • other activities that improve the quality of justice for all Oklahomans.

OBF Grants total more than $10 million since founding and some $5 million of that amount was within the last five years alone. Please visit for more information.